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Live Templates in Android Studio: Getting Started

In this tutorial, youโ€™ll learn how to use and create live templates in Android Studio so you can write code more quickly. - Sep 2, 2019

What Happened When Our Team Switched to Only Asynchronous Meetings

This usually takes the form of a meeting โ€“ or a video call, for those of us on remote team. On the mobile team at Buffer, this is what it looked like for us for a long time until we decided to make a change. - Jul 29, 2019

Google I/O: Whatโ€™s New in Android

The third session of Google I/O โ€™19, Whatโ€™s New in Android, was really exciting! Google presented a long list of new Android features. There were also many exciting reveals and plans for the Android framework. Here, we summarize everything you need to know. - Jun 19, 2019

Chicago Roboto 2019

Chicago Roboto 2019 Another inspiring Chicago Roboto has come and gone, and Iโ€™m excited to share my experience of this Android conference with you. - May 3, 2019

Espresso Testing and Screen Robots: Getting Started

In this Espresso testing tutorial youโ€™ll learn how to create UI tests with Espresso and how to leverage Screen Robots to make them clear and maintainable. - Feb 27, 2019

Advice for Writing Abstracts

After reviewing many abstracts for a conference, here are some tips that can help you in writing your next abstract. - Jan 20, 2019

Using Live Templates to Write Tests

Itโ€™s important to write tests, but it can be repetitive. You can use Live Template to let the editor do some of the work for you. - Jan 3, 2019

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