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Using the Kotlin stdlib in Java code

The Kotlin stdlib has a lot of great extension functions. How can you use them in your Java code?

medium.com - Dec 3, 2018

Organizing my remote day

Working remotely with a global team means I have a lot of flexibility with the structure of my day. It also means I have communication coming from multiple different directions, and from different time zones. How do I organize this, stay productive, and stay sane?

medium.com - Nov 9, 2018

Test-Driven Development Tutorial for Android: Getting Started

Learn the basics of test-driven development, or TDD, and discover how to use TDD effectively when developing your Android apps!

raywenderlich.com - Sep 19, 2018

Announce Your Actions: Making gesture actions accessible

Some gesture actions are not accessible to people using screen readers. This is how we improved the accessibility of a feature we recently added.

overflow.buffer.com - Sep 5, 2018

Returning to droidcon NYC

Coming back to droidcon NYC for a second time was a great experience. Here’s a recap of my time there.

medium.com - Aug 29, 2018

Why am I getting a different request code back?

When requesting permissions, I was getting the wrong request code back. Here’s how I found out why, and how to solve it.

medium.com - Aug 17, 2018

The Remote Meetup Experience

I was able to speak REMOTELY at a Meetup for the for the first time. It was a great experience, and I wanted to share it all with you.

medium.com - Aug 8, 2018

When lambdas and strong typing collide

When trying to map an error to a custom error in an RxJava chain I found you need to be mindful of signatures that differ in the type of lambda

medium.com - Jul 26, 2018

Text Recognition with ML Kit

See how to use the new ML Kit library from Google to use machine learning and computer vision to perform text recognition in an image.

raywenderlich.com - Jun 21, 2018

How to send large files to your Kindle

I recently wanted to put a large ePub file on my Kindle to read. This is how I accomplished it.

medium.com - Jun 4, 2018

Snackchat May 3 – Let Kotlin Come To You

In this Snackchat, we introduce Kotlin, some of the language features, and how it can be used for the JVM, JavaScript, and Native.

overflow.buffer.com - May 23, 2018

Google I/O: What’s new for Android

Last week we were lucky enough to be able to attend Google I/O in Mountain View, California. Between the two of us we managed to see a good handful of sessions - so we thought we’d both put together

overflow.buffer.com - May 18, 2018

My Google I/O 2018 Favorites

This is my first time at Google I/O and I’m having an amazing time. I’m excited about all of the new things Google has to offer. Starting with the keynote, there are some great things being discussed. Here is some of the things the stuck out to me in the keynote that I’m excited to share.

medium.com - May 9, 2018

My time at GOTO Chicago

This year I was able to attend and speak at GOTO Chicago. It was a great experience, right in my own city!

medium.com - Apr 29, 2018

Sometimes a T-Shirt: What I wear when I speak at conferences

Over the course of this year a lot has changed in what I decide to wear when speaking. From blazers to t-shirts there’s a lot I consider when picking an outfit.

medium.com - Mar 18, 2018

Espresso and the Navigation Drawer

Espresso is helpful when testing your Android UI, but sometimes you need a little more help. Here’s how you can create an outside click.

medium.com - Jan 26, 2018

Android Accessibility Tutorial: Getting Started

In this Android accessibility tutorial, learn how to make apps that everyone can use, including people with vision, motor, or hearing disabilities.

raywenderlich.com - Jan 10, 2018