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Hi, I'm Victoria


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I love the work I do as an Android Developer. I enjoy learning about new things, and applying them to my work. You can keep up to date on the things I’ve been working on by subscribing to my newsletter 📬.

You can often find me at conferences exchanging information with others as a speaker 🎤. Come say hello if you spot me at one!

In addition to speaking at conferences, I also write for Ray Wenderlich ✏️ in my spare time. I’m a part of their Resident Author team, helping to educate people in Android and Kotlin. As part of my work there, I co-authored the book Android Test-Driven Development by Tutorials.

While studying at Hope College, I also started getting involved in dance technology and dance production 🎭. I had a couple projects that worked together with a dancer and an Xbox Kinect, and did a significant amount of lighting design. Ask me about them, I love talking about it!

When I’m not out doing these things, you can find me in my home base of Chicago 🏙️ with my fiance, Tyler. In my spare time, I enjoy playing board games with friends, or curled up at home with a good book, my cat, Peter Pan 😻, and hedgehog, Khoshekh 🦔.

If you like my work, consider buying me a coffee ☕!